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Sustainability Education Committee

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*Rescheduled from December*

Bioregional Urbanism: Its Lens, and Project Context

According to the Global Footprint Network, key physical resources are being consumed by people about 1.5 times faster than the Earth can renew them. Earthos Institute's Bioregional Urbanism methodology is an eight step iterative process proposed to move regional populations of people back to sustainable self sufficiency, defined as: “One Planet Living.” It seeks to re-connect global science and fact-finding to policy and design in the interest of true sustainability. Significantly different from LEED, Sustainable Sites, STARS, and other methods, Bioregional Urbanism generates actual metrics regarding regional resources and support for an emerging “Budgeted Consumption Economy.” This session will explore the meaning and potential design guidance that can be provided through application of the “Bioregional Lens."

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