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The Concept of Layering in Architecture and Placemaking

Anne-Catrin Schultz, author of Carlo Scarpa—Layers (2015) and Asst. Professor of Architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology, will examine the principle of layering in architecture, its mechanics, possible application and narrative in architecture and urban planning. Layering is widely used in the discussions of the 20th and 21st century architecture but rarely defined or closely examined. Layering can be seen as a system for the creation and analysis of place (and architectural space) over time and has the potential to act as a nonhierarchical design principle. Layered planes and layered spaces communicate a sense of complexity and depth carrying function, program and narrative at the same time. The book introduced looks at archaeological examples of urban layering, it reviews layered spaces from different cultures and discusses the material layering of architectural skins. The conceptual discussions and built examples explored in the book expand the term layering and offer an in-depth overview of its potential.

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