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RfR 2.0: creating a lasting legacy

The BSA/AIA’s Renovate for Recovery (RfR) initiative was established in the weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings with the purpose of joining forces with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to use the design community’s collective expertise to help in the recovery process for those physically affected by the bombings. Through the program’s largely volunteer efforts, nearly 10 homes have been adapted by creating accessible bathrooms, stairs, entryways, kitchens, and more for residents with permanent mobility impairments sustained from this tragic event.

As we approach the third anniversary of the bombing and RfR moves toward its final project close-outs, the question is: what comes next? Instead of receding into history, what if the lessons learned through the work of this initiative were to become the building blocks of permanent program of assistance for the thousands of residents of the Commonwealth who face similar challenges every day, and every year?

Join the Access Committee and the leadership of the Renovate for Recovery initiative for a look back at what it has accomplished and an open conversation regarding its permanent legacy.

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