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Committee on Homelessness

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Designing for Better Health Outcomes for the Homeless

The Committee on Homelessness will host the Boston Architectural College’s Ada Louise Huxtable Fellows and their partners MASS Design Group. The four students, enrolled in an honors fellowship in civic engagement and service learning, will share their current research that examines homelessness, mental health, addiction and community well-being—and the role design and designers might play in addressing these complex issues.

The Fellows will present information and big-picture data, with a focus on four case study cities (DC, New York, Seattle and Chicago), as a way of framing the beginning of a more engaged, local study of the Mass Ave Corridor (aka Methadone Mile). Through mapping, diagramming, and field documentation, the work suggests an expanded approach to research and practice that operates in the intersections of intractable challenges, that recognizes the complexities of community engagement, and that celebrates designing for dignity. Input, feedback, and conversation encouraged. Pizza will be served!

For those who qualify, 1.5 LU/HSWs are available.

This event is sponsored by the Committee on Homelessness. Visit to learn more.

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