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Our Beloved Fountain: Making Water Features Sustainable

Join Mike Igo of Aqueous Consultants, a sustainable water feature design expert, at our BSA Placemaking Network seminar to learn more about the dos and don’ts of water feature maintenance, including annual costs.

Fountains are beloved features in many public places and contribute to quality of life while adding environmental benefits, particularly during hot summer months. However, many parks departments and commissioning bodies shy away from installing them due to the perceived high cost of installation and ongoing maintenance. Some recurring questions neighborhoods may face are whether alternative funding models can keep the water flowing if a city or town won’t perform regular upkeep. What are the impacts of a dormant fountain? What are the environmental effects, both positive and negative? Mike will answer all these questions, explain the typical pool, pass through and recirculating systems, and share his insights on sustainable best practices.

This event is free and open to the public. Pizza and libations will be served. Please register with your name and email at

Michael Igo, PE, LEED AP of Aqueous Consultants, Inc. is a Professional Engineer with 18 years of experience designing irrigation and water resources projects. As a self-proclaimed “right-brained engineer”, his dual love of science and graphics resonates with architects. Mike fulfilled his lifelong dream by founding Aqueous Consultants in 2014. His unique education with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and M.S. in Civil Engineering lends to design of both mechanical (irrigation, pumps, controls) and civil systems (ponds, tanks, drainage). Mike has documented over 100 Water Efficiency credits for LEED, programmed Aqueous’ computer climate model, and was honored at the 2011 ASCE EWRI Conference for sustainability research. He presented at the 2016 ASLA Conference in New Orleans, LA as part of a panel discussion on urban tree planting, discussing irrigation. Mike recently designed the water feature of Pulaski Park in Northampton, MA, and is currently rehabilitating the Neptune Fountain at the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress.

1.5 LU AIA credits are available.