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Creative Goal Setting for Women

While at some points in our careers, there are clear milestones to achieve such as licensure, or promotions, oftentimes, there’s no clear path ahead and we need to craft our own careers and set career goals. In this talk and min-workshop, Mia Scharphie of women’s career advancement training company, Build Yourself, will walk through how to set goals that are creative and motivating. You’ll learn frameworks and activities that can help you unlock inspiring and career goals that will guide you in your day-to-day, and methods to be ‘creatively strategic’ in optimizing the investment of your time. We’ll also look at common pitfalls that women face in setting goals and harvesting the fruit of their efforts, and how they overcome those pitfalls, and can have more of what they want in their careers. This session will also be especially helpful for women with multiple interests--We’ll dispel the myth that ‘if only you could narrow down’ you’d be successful, and give you a pathway to success that respects being interested in many things.