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Women in Design Mentoring Event | Career Series Part 1

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Join Women in Design Boston for our first Event in the Career Series.

The average worker today stays at each of her jobs for 4.4 years, but the expected tenure of the workforce’s youngest employees is about half that. That means that incoming employees could have 15 - 20 jobs over the course of their career. In this fast moving world determining what path to take your career can be difficult to determine. By learning how to design your career and take charge of the direction you are heading we can learn how to be more satisfied by our daily jobs and how to reach our long term goals. This year, Women in Design is exploring this topic with events and programming that will strategize career planning, explore career paths and give us the tools to build our own personal brands.

Design Thinking Workshop:
How can we leverage the principles we apply in our daily practice towards other aspects of our lives, in particular, the way we plan our careers? This event will introduce the concepts behind the latest buzz of design thinking strategy and evaluate the various ways it can be implemented. The workshop will include a series of exercises designed to help the participants reflect on their personal goals and strategies, allowing them to continuously and creatively evolve throughout their career.

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 | Time: 6-8 pm
Location: BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Suite 200, Boston


Workshop Leader:
Jessica Artiles is a designer, maker, educator, Cuban dancer, snowboarder, and roadtripper, but above all else, a connector. Jessica studied at MIT and has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, as well as Dual Masters in Mechanical Engineering and the Technology and Policy Program. She researches how design thinking can be taught to non-designers in order
to innovate in large systems and will apply these skills to how we can using design thinking strategies to reinvigorate our careers.