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Building Information Modeling Roundtable

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SPACE, the final frontier… or just the beginning?

Sorry no rockets or aliens will be discussed, but rather we will be showcasing Design Space Exploration (DSE), a new concept deployed during early stage design that combines human intuition, BIM, and computer science resulting in an infinite numbers of possibilities that can be explored and measured during the design process and perhaps throughout construction. DSE is already informing complex products such as automobiles, aircrafts, computer chips, and buildings. Every time you make a decision you traverse a reasonable design space. Solutions are explored, evaluated, optimized, and decisions are made through the use of rapid prototyping and system integration. Ultimately, design space and its subsequent representation is nothing more than a tool; designers still have to make decisions. To put it simply, DSE is transforming designers into rocket scientists. (See what I did there with our space theme?)

So, please join us as Jamie Farrell of SMMA and Kyle Martin Assoc. AIA of Shepley Bulfinch lead the discussion on what it means to explore the space of all possibilities and the methods of visualizing and representing it showing emerging trends, research, and real-world application. You are encouraged to bring you own examples to share as well.

Kirk out.

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