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Design Viz: The Other Kickoff

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The Other Kickoff

In addition Superbowl LII, this February also marks the kickoff of what we hope will become not just a new BSA committee, but a community – a community built around Design Visualization.

Visual communication is one of - if not the most - critical method used by the designer to convey creative ideas and abstract concepts in a convincing and understandable manner. We like to think that the best ideas will speak for themselves but the truth is that the designer also has a very important role to play to help promote the idea. We intend to bring together professional designers within our industry, students, architectural visualization artists, graphic artists, computer game designers, and others into a conversation to explore the many media options available today (and in the future) to best communicate our ideas within design teams and with decision makers to help shape the built environment.

We will take a very broad view of visualization media including classic pencil-sketched diagrams, photo-realistic rendered images, animations, data visualization, physical model-making / prototyping, as well as cutting-edge interactive and immersive environments such as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. We may even blow your mind to consider non-visual media (sound, touch, smell) as a form of “visualization”. Intrigued? Confused?

Come join the conversation - share and learn together to grow the community as we grow ourselves and help each of us to better visualize design.

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