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Existing Conditions Surveys

Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Marketing/PR Wizards

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Making the most out of digital!

Most of us spend immeasurable amounts of time connected with our digital devices! With more and more items going ‘digital’ what are you doing to stand out? How have you translated your materials from ‘print’ to ‘screen,’ or are they one-in-the-same? Is your marketing more impactful now that you can focus on the channels that deliver proven ROI? Qualifications, Proposals, Awards, Event launches… has your workflow changed? Share your best practices, favorite tools, tips and tricks, and possible secrets to help us all elevate our work! Or, do tell - have you taken an opposite approach and seized the opportunity to PRINT something?

Hint hint, the BSA Awards program is going all digital – keep an eye out for an upcoming meeting to discuss the changes!

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