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Canstruction 2020: 25 Years

DSC 0097

Image courtesy Ian Yelich

25 Years of Canstruction Boston

Explore 25 years of Canstruction Boston right here in a virtual format!

View the online exhibition here

Canstruction is a charity event and exhibition where teams of architects, designers, engineers, and contractors compete in awe-inspiring feats of engineering to create sculptures made out of canned goods and other nonperishable food items—without the use of glue or other adhesives. In the past 25 years, Canstruction Boston has collected more than ONE MILLION pounds of food, providing more than 887,000 meals to people experiencing food insecurity in Massachusetts.

The 2020 Canstruction Boston theme is That's Entertainment!

With food banks like the MVFB experiencing increased demand while receiving fewer donations, our efforts to raise funds and food for the MVFB is more critical than ever! To continue supporting the MVFB while remaining healthy, this year Canstruction Boston has decided to pivot to a virtual design competition. We hope you enjoy this look back at 25 years of creativity and community impact, including a look at the 2020 virtual design competition!