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Louis Jones

ERECTING CURTAIN WALL, 2015, Photograph, $585

Being given complete access to several of the tallest skyscrapers in Boston, I was able to turn a major part of these projects into a personal photography about modern labor, urban expansion & human achievement.

Working so high above the city is a major danger on skyscrapers. Civilians never see this part of construction. I arranged with the Ironworkers who were erecting the curtain wall to tell me when they would be in position & I climbed the crane to photograph a unique image.

FABRICATING CAGE, 2019, Photograph, $585

Instead of just construction progress photos, I chose to also focus on workers. They are not used as metaphor for building but the very essence of ingenuity, performance &, unfortunately, the negative of gentrification.

Because of 911, many tall buildings are no longer held up by steel. On the new Winthrop Center construction site Ironworkers Local 7 are fabricating the structural cages in preparation for pouring the concrete foundations. The infinite beauty of some of the building materials is evident.