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FeiFan Zhang

No.1140 from series No Man's Land, 2016, Archival Inkjet Print, $1500

No Man’s Land is an exploration of irresolvable and un-relatable spaces – the dark cavities that populate the city. My interest in this subject began when I was living in Beijing and witnessed its renovation and the subsequent ambiguities of land usage that happened as a result. "No man’s land" is often understood as undetermined territory that stays unoccupied and suffused with fear and uncertainty. I am interested in representing how structured intentions coincide with perplexing functions that exist in the urban landscape.

No.1305 from series No Man's Land, 2018, Archival Inkjet Print, $1800

No.1213 from series No Man's Land, 2017, Archival Inkjet Print, $1500