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Jan 17, 2020

Accessibility and Ancient Cities

Accessibility and Ancient Cities RAYNES PDOS 47

Coco Raynes

All images courtesy Coco Raynes

In Jerusalem, designer Coco Raynes talks with accessibility expert Dr. Avi Ramot about money, politics, culture, and the balance between authenticity and accessibility.

Dr Avi Ramot, Israel Center for Accessibility

When asked to write an article for the Boston Society for Architecture regarding the accessibility of the ancient cities of the world, I was delighted. Accessibility has been a long time professional commitment and I was traveling to Jerusalem and Petra. What I did not know was that the following day, I would be in an accident, hence traveling with a broken leg, a cast, and a cane. It was becoming very interesting! No way to fake it. Instead, I was going to write about my daily reality.

I also decided to interview Dr. Avi Ramot, the distinguished expert on accessibility in Israel. I had met Dr. Ramot at the World Accessibility Summit in the early 2000s, in Rio de Janeiro—therefore it would be an easy conversation.


At the Tel Aviv airport, I was directed to go through an expedited security line, reserved for handicapped passengers and families with children. Then, picked up by an electrical car, I was dropped at the luggage carousel, marked with special spots reserved for handicapped, which I had never seen before. I stood in it, to avoid the risk of being pushed. So far, very good!

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