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Mar 04, 2021

Architecture. Equity. Environment.


The work of the BSA is focused on impacting three main areas; architecture, equity, and the environment. We invite you to watch a few short videos from BSA staff to get a sense for what some of that work looks like. The videos were taken in January 2021 and we’ve been working hard to advance our work further since that time! We hope they provide useful insight, spark your curiosity, and inspire you to join us.

Please reach out to BSA staff to learn more and to get involved in all BSA initiatives and programs. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Introduction from the BSA's Executive Director

Advancing Architecture

The BSA believes in developing spaces that are not only beautiful, but are safe, healthy and address the welfare of all. We provide platforms and opportunities to continually define, redefine, and employ the principles of architectural excellence.


The BSA is dedicated to making architecture accessible for everyone, whether it be through profession or passion, and creating equitable and diverse paths to the industry. We are a resource and advocate for architecture that is inclusive of all cultures and abilities, and reflects the lives that it is built to serve.


The BSA is committed to finding sustainable solutions at every stage of the building process—through design, material selection, construction, and operation. By coupling ingenuity with collective action, architects can help decrease the impact of global warming and design a healthier future.


The BSA works to create a design community that can come together to grow within the industry, as well as come together to impact the city of Boston and the communities we live in. We connect our networks with our neighborhoods because we believe that a true community is one that reflects the voices of those that live there.

Additional Updates from the BSA

The BSA will use these impact areas as a lens by which to filter each initiative and explain how we are striving towards achieving our goals. Our internal processes, work, and external communications all go hand in hand to further our organizational goals.

You may have noticed that our newsletter Currents, now features news items categorized by these impact areas. If you would like to sign up for BSA newsletters, please fill out this form.

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