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Jan 05, 2023

Banker and Tradesman Highlights CBT Architects Gift to BSA "Earthshot"

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Matthew Landers, Unsplash

Banker and Tradesman highlights a new $250K gift from CBT Architects that supports a BSA innovation "Earthshot" tackling Greater Boston's climate and equity challenges in the built environment.

CBT Architects President David Nagahiro refers to the firm's $250K gift as an "urgent call" to the BSA's 4,500 members.

The CBT gift contributes to the BSA's Request for Innovation (RFI) Initiative, which is soliciting Boston-area climate- and equity-focused proposals from the general public by January 20.

Banker and Tradesman's article can be found online (paywall).

Further detail about the RFI Initiative can be found on the BSA website at

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