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Existing Conditions Surveys

Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Community News

Mar 22, 2020

New AIA members: Winter 2020

Through the fall and winter, all the Massachusetts chapters have grown - we've seen associate members receive their registrations and AIA members join anew.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest AIA members!

*CMAIA Member
**WMAIA Member

Joshua Ayares AIA
Kyle W. Belcher AIA
Emily Bell AIA
Stavroula E. Birmbas-Vendouri AIA
Mark Borreliz AIA
Alexander J. Brownell AIA
Talia Cannistra AIA
James Chambers AIA
*Donald A. Chemini AIA
Diane Choih AIA
Kelly Connellan AIA
Sean T. Coveney AIA
**Yvonne E. Cruz AIA
Ryan Decker AIA
Christopher B. Deorsay AIA
James Eric Dyer AIA
Daniel J. Eldredge AIA
Derek Akiyoshi Ellison AIA
Jesse Eveler AIA
Shannon Farrell AIA
Katy E. Finkenzeller AIA
Peter B. Fletcher AIA
Joel Freedman AIA
**Aviva J. Galaski AIA
Danielle C. Garber-Letitia AIA
Evan D. Goldstein AIA
Seth B. Goodman AIA
Thomas R. Hagan AIA
Paul Hajian AIA
Ji-Hye Ham AIA
Amy Hastings AIA
Stephen Hiserodt AIA
Christina J. Hoover AIA
Jeffrey A. Hoseth AIA
William Jacob AIA
Zhanbin Jiang AIA
Christopher A. Johns AIA
Derek E. Johnson AIA
Hyeyun Jung AIA
Daniel Kasmarek AIA
Abigail Keilman AIA
Hankyu Kim AIA
Juho Lee AIA
Zhe Lin AIA
Christopher Lyman AIA
*James A. Marshall AIA
John E. Matz AIA
Nathaniel S. May AIA
*Damon McQuaid AIA
Brian Militana AIA
Cesar Monte AIA
Yuyangguang Mou AIA
Patrick D. Myers AIA
John A. Navarro AIA
**Patricia O'Flaherty AIA
Yunbin Park AIA
Matthew Petrie AIA
Erico N. Rosa AIA
Patrick K. Ruse AIA
Hazel G. Ryerson AIA
Chris Sharkey AIA
Steven Stearns AIA
David Stephen AIA
Ngaire A. Stuart Gongora AIA
*Timothy A. Szczebak AIA
Chenyao Tang AIA
*Michael T. Vianna AIA
Benjamin E. Wakelin AIA
Hilary R. Ward AIA
**Robert L. Williams AIA
Rena Yang AIA
Alexander C. Zink AIA


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