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Community Impact

Aug 19, 2016

Roslindale Family Night

UHU ext

Images by Polly Carpenter FAIA.

On the evening of August 18, 2016, over 50 children and their families gathered for Family Night in Roslindale Village to explore a new, prototype housing model designed by LiveLight and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA in partnership with the Mayor's Housing Innovation Lab and the BSA Foundation--the Urban Housing Unit (UHU). This 385 sf mobile, fully furnished, one bedroom, compact apartment prototype is on a tour through six Boston neighborhoods, inviting neighbors and visitors to check out the unit, chat, and discuss ideas about smaller living. The UHU will be in Roslindale through Saturday, August 27 with two chances to explore the inside.

At the Roslindale Village UHU Family Night, a BSA Foundation activity invitied adults and children to create their own 385 sf floor plan to fit the needs of their lives. Many children focused on large playrooms and tiny kitchens--who really needs room to cook when you have toys?! The exercise challenged participants to part with unnecessary pieces of a large house, and many designs demonstrated how children see and move through a home. Adults were especially challenged to rethink the way they live in a home and came away with a new appreciation for how well designed spaces--no matter the size--allow for attractive solutions for living.

The UHU Roadshow will finish its tour on the lawn outside BSA Space as part of its upcoming exhibition, One Room Mansion. The UHU Roadshow begins August 10 and runs through October. Specific details and UHU locations can be found at