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Permanent Collection: Kyle Barker (runner-up)

Viewfrom Boylston St

An architecture museum is one of the few buildings that must be able to house and display other buildings. From the full-scale prototype to the microfiche archive, the scalar range of its collection is immense. This project harnesses the extreme dimensional difference of the objects in it’s collection to propose a building with radical shifts in section. As the ceiling height shrinks from 35’-0” to 11’-0” across five floors, the structural systems shift to accommodate larger spans, more columns, etc. With these changes comes the opportunity to recall five canonical plan organizations: the free plan, the ring (with atrium), the hypostyle hall, the forest, and the villa. As the visitor ascends—either through the glass elevator or the spiral stair—they experience pronounced material, tectonic and spatial shifts, sampling the history of Architecture on their way.

Spatial Module Worm’s Eyes
Not to scale

Worms Eye Of Spatial Module At Level05

Level 5
Mass Timber Renaissance for Digital Display & Small Artifacts

Worms Eye Of Spatial Module At Level04

Level 4
Forest of Columns for Medium Artifacts, Admin Offices & Preservation

Worms Eye Of Spatial Module At Level03

Level 3
Waffle Hypostyle for Large Artifacts and a Dignified Reading Room

Worms Eye Of Spatial Module At Level02

Level 2
Castellated Atrium for XL Artifacts

Worms Eye Of Spatial Module At Level01

Level 1

Infrastructural Clear Span for XXL Artifacts & Public Inhabitation

Viewat Level1

Level 1
Open to the public at all times; for the display of XXL objects and for gatherings

Plan Level01

Infrastructural Clear Span
Level 1

Plan Level02

Castellated Atrium
Level 2

Viewat Level2

Level 2
View from store to atrium, XL gallery and check-in

Viewat Level3

Level 3
Large Exhibition space; Research / Archive at Left

Plan Level03

Hypostyle Waffle
Level 3

Plan Level04

Forest of Columns
Level 4

Viewat Level4

Level 4
Medium Object Exhibition; Conservation Lab at Right; Office Beyond

Viewat Level5

Level 5
Small Object & Digital Exhibition Space

Plan Level05

Mass Timber Renaissance
Level 5

Plan Roof

Figural Field

Viewat Roof

Roof Level
Outdoor Exhibition; Open to Public at All Times