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Translating Need into Design Opportunity

TCB Pine Street

TCB-PINE STREET The proposed largest complex of permanent supportive housing in Boston is a shared venture between The Community Builders and Pine Street Inn. RODE is working to organize the various programs while designing a structure that blends seamlessly into this diverse community.

Dorchester Brewing Co

Dorchester Brewing Company RODE joined Dorchester-based entrepreneurs to create a space facilitating craft-brewing and its regional growth. The Brewery offers both contract brewing and a taproom and event facilities on site, and in its expressive roof sign, offered a new symbol to the neighborhood. The rooftop expansion, with a greenhouse, beer bar and view of the Boston skyline, was announced in April 2019.

West Broadway Projects

WEST BROADWAY PROJECTS The Cambria hotel adjacent Residences at 6 & 14 West Broadway frame a prominent gateway into South Boston, and work to engage their vibrant, urban site. The buildings reference the brick and beam architecture of the Fort Point, and so establish a dialogue with that district’s history and innovation future.

Savin Residences

SAVIN RESIDENCES The 14-unit Savin Residences, directly across from the redline T station, filled a long-standing gap in the Savin Village urban fabric. RODE has continued to remake the Village with residential development on Sydney St and new neighborhood commercial and retail at 110 Savin Hill Ave.

Glenville Townhouses

GLENVILLE TOWNHOUSES This eight-unit building straddles high and low density development in Allston. Faced with a constrained site, RODE was able to achieve the developer's program while incorporating the community’s affinity to mitigate the shifting building scales and preserve the two existing structures on the site.

233 Hancock

233 HANCOCK (The Meetinghouse) In a collaboration with ARX-Urban development, The Meetinghouse employs efficiencies in design and materials to minimize construction cost, enabling the developer to deliver below market rate housing to the Dorchester neighborhood.

All images courtesy RODE.