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Design in Boston: Introducing the AIA Guide to Boston app

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From 1630 to the 21st century, Boston architecture has beguiled and befuddled designers, citizens, and visitors. Over the years, central to the BSA and the BSA Foundation’s mission has been the quest to share appreciation for the built environment with the public, resulting in deep dialogues and engagement. In recent years, the platforms for holding these conversations have increased and tools have evolved. Now, in addition to books, classrooms, conferences, and public meetings, we have Google Earth, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. In short, everyone who has an interest in design can also have a voice.

The BSA is proud to announce the launch of the new AIA Guide to Boston app—one of the most robust new tools for stimulating public appreciation of design in Boston. To illuminate why these discussions matter now more than ever, this event also features a panel of BSA leaders involved in various initiatives to facilitate the conversation about what design excellence means, and how we can achieve it.

The AIA Guide to Boston app—the first AIA field guide of its kind in the world--puts the power of design exploration in any user’s hands. Easier to carry than its 2-lb printed predecessor,* fun to use, and always up-to-date, the app features concise articles on Boston’s four centuries of architecture. There are more than 1,000 entries (400 new), color photos, scores of guides and tours, all available on an elegantly designed iPhone app. The editors will be on hand to demonstrate the app and offer insight into how it highlights Boston’s design legacy.

Refreshments will be served and attendees will be eligible to win a free download.


Carol Burns FAIA
David Eisen FAIA
Tom Pounds, editor, AIA Guide to Boston
Laura Wernick FAIA, chair of the BSA Foundation

Josiah Stevenson FAIA, 2017 BSA president

*The AIA Guide to Boston by Susan and Michael Southworth was first printed in 1984 by Globe Pequot Press and enjoyed three editions, the last one published in 2008.