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Cultural Facilities Network

CFN Sept 2022

Images courtesy of: (clockwise from top-left): Auburn University, Uark Theatre, Bob Creamer, Brent Moore, Roman Boldyrev, Zumix, Alastair Battson, Raph_PH, Roman Boldyrev

The Cultural Facilities Network is a forum for practitioners and people interested in cultural spaces and how they shape our environment. Through a variety of online and in-person programs and events, the committee will examine ideas related to the planning and design of cultural venues, buildings and outdoor spaces, as well as spearheading the debate on how to make them more accessible and equitable for the community at large. Our aim is to broaden the insight and understanding of practitioners in the design field, while engaging artists, operators and the public.

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Scott Butler AIA / [email protected]
Ioana Pieleanu / [email protected]

Cultural Facilities Network: Responsive Arts facilities: How to Meet the Changing Needs of the Community

April 25, 2023

Making Cultural Arts Accessible for the Community

January 25, 2023