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Sep 21, 2020

BSA Firm Principal Survey Results

The results presented here are from a survey sent to BSA member firm principals in late August 2020 in response to challenges presented by COVID-19. The survey closed on August 22, 2020 with 31 principals responding.

This survey is a follow up to an original firm principals survey sent in April 2020. You can view the responses to the first survey here.

Question 1: Who are you? *

Q1 01

*Please note that no sole practitioners responded to this most recent survey. In the survey sent last spring, 23% of respondents identified themselves as sole practitioners.

Question 2: Have you or your firm lost business in May-July 2020?

Q2 01

Question 3: If yes, what type: client or contract?

For specific answers about client and contract type projects, click here.

Question 4: Have you or your firm had projects delayed in May-July 2020?

Q4 01

Question 5: If yes, do you anticipate these projects to continue?

Q5 01

Question 6: Do you or your firm have projects in the pre-construction, planning, or permitting phase?

Q6 01

Question 7: Have you or your firm successfully put a project through permitting since COVID-19 began?

Q7 01

Question 8: Have you or your firm made staffing changes in May-July 2020?

Q8 01

Question 9: If yes, have you...?

Q9 01

Question 10: Is the majority of staff working remotely?

Q10 01

Question 11: Have you or your firm made plans to go back to the office?

Q11 01

Question 12: If yes, what is your timetable?

Q12 01

Question 13: If yes, full staff or part staff?

Q13 01

Question 14: What resources are most important for the BSA to provide at this time?

Q14 Word Cloud
  • (1) Continuing Ed ... that requirement never goes away. (2) Opportunities for building community as a group of like-minded professionals (including allied professionals) – we need to stay connected. BSA seems to be doing a decent job at this so far, but I wonder if there other opportunities to be explored. (3) The magazine going on hold means loss of a vibrant voice that would have been good to have during this period. BSA needs to fill that void somehow.
  • Another survey with more details on how firms are bringing back some or all of their staff would be useful.
  • Work sharing opportunities as we don't know what will happen in 2021. Also, any information on PPP Loan Forgiveness information and any tax help/implications related to COVID.
  • We love all the webinars, thanks so much!!!
  • Sharing firm policy - based on firm size Providing information on pandemic plans for the future.
  • Sharing impacts of COVID on the industry. Thank you!
  • Actively support legislation for small business relief
  • BSA is doing a great job!
  • Perhaps now more than ever, reminding people of the added value that design professionals bring to a project
  • Support on Training staff remotely in what used to be day to day interaction
  • Advocating for city to get backlog of projects thru article 80 and to not slow down approvals because Neighborhood plans aren’t complete. Resources on how to remotely mentor new or recent graduates without a lot of experience.
  • Case studies of firms/companies who have successfully implemented DBEI
  • Resources for parents struggling with fall childcare issues; support for those who lost their job
  • Good data on employment - architect's resume & job listing
  • More interaction between firm leadership would be great. It's nice to hear how others are managing the chaos
  • Same as always. I don't think one improved resource will make a significant difference. Just overall support and advocacy.
  • Marketing! Let the public know that we are available and our value cannot be underestimated. Don't encourage them to call contractors first or project managers first. Let the public know to call us first.
  • Information on what members are doing regarding re-opening their office
  • Support in exchanging best practices for getting our staff back in the office
  • A look into the first quarter of 2021 and beyond. I know our backlog will be dropping so I am worried about having to do a large layoff and reduce hours and salaries
  • Information about our peers, as you are already doing