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Community Impact

Feb 19, 2020

(Re)Imagining Allston

BSA Beacon Yards Urban Design Workshop VARANASI team Page 22

Boston architects envision human-scaled solutions for highway-heavy Allston.

Rendering courtesy Kishore Varanasi

Let's have people-centered neighborhoods driving development at the 1-90 Interchange in Allston.

On February 18, 2020 in, Robin Chase and Doug Foy called for 21st Century solutions for Allston.

The BSA agrees.

Below are snapshots of recent initiatives meant to drive more human-centered development at the 1-90 Interchange.

In 2014, the Beacon Yards Urban Design Workshop challenged two interdisciplinary teams to produce a draft comprehensive plan for the Beacon Yards site that fully leveraged the city building opportunities of the proposed interchange realignment.


In April, 2019, the BSA and its Urban Design Committee, the City of Boston and MassDOT hosted a participatory design workshop to generate potential design solutions for key moments of the future “Allston Esplanade,” the area that will be created as a result of the planned rebuilding of the I-90 interchange and Allston Viaduct in Boston.


BSA Urban Design Workshops provide a valuable resource to public agencies and major property owners by providing big-picture design thinking to support larger planning and public outreach processes.