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Taking place each April, KidsBuild! offers young designers the opportunity to share their ideas as they explore the possibilities of architecture, planning, design, and construction.

Guided by volunteer design professionals, families choose a construction site from a fictional city grid, design and build a building out of recycled materials, and are awarded a certificate of occupancy from the city building inspectors. Perfect for children aged 5–13, and welcoming designers of all ages, KidsBuild! allows children to formulate ideas about architecture and design as they build a city from the ground up.


Thank you to our 100+ volunteers for sharing your knowledge of architecture/design at this year's KidsBuild!. Volunteers are essential to the planning and operation of KidsBuild! each year. Check back again next March to volunteer.

K-12 Design Education Support

KidsBuild! and other BSA K-12 Design Education programs are supported by members of the Provoking Change Legacy Circle membership: