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Diane Georgopulos FAIA (2008)


Diane Georgopulos (BA '73) worked for 27 years as an architect at MassHousing, the country’s leading affordable housing finance agency. Before her retirement from the agency in 2016, she served as head of its Design and Construction Department, overseeing construction lending for a $3 billion rental portfolio.

Full Biography

Diane Georgopulos FAIA
Architect, retired, Design and Construction Department of MassHousing
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2008 winner

Ms. Georgopulos acted in several roles for the Demonstration Disposition Program. MassHousing was designated as HUD's Agent for the program. With that responsibility, Ms. Georgopulos acted in the role of Owner, representing HUD in commissioning architects to undertake environmental reviews, preliminary building evaluations and plans and specifications for construction. She was also instrumental in developing the process for coordinating the 11 developments through existing conditions surveys for 167 buildings and allocating budgets for their construction activities. At the same time, because the resident associations who lived in the developments were proposed to become the Owners once the construction was complete, Ms. Georgopulos coordinated with them and their architects to insure that their "vision" for their developments were incorporated into the design. Because minority participation was a key goal at the outset, several of the larger developments were subdivided to increase opportunities for smaller firms. All the plans addressed issues about which the residents were most concerned including: security systems, individual washer/dryer hookups and interior living unit layouts. 100% of the architects selected were Minority Businesses or Woman Owned Businesses.

2019 1119 WID Demo Dispo Board
  • Academy Homes II 236 new units designed by Chia Ming Sze Architects, Inc and Elton Associates
  • Camfield Gardes 102 new units designed by a Joint Venture of Domenech Hicks Krockmalnic and Hezekiah Pratt Associates
  • Fieldstone Apartments 84 rehabilitated units by Ransom Design Studio
  • Franklin Park I 181 rehabilitated units by Stull and Lee Inc.
  • Franklin Park II 89 rehabilitated units by Migliassi Jackson Associates
  • Franklin Park New Construction 16 new units by Buck Smith McAvoy Architects
  • Geneva Apartments 47 new units by Chia Ming Sze Architects
  • Grant Manor 179 rehabilitation units by The Architects Forum
  • Grove Hall 104 rehabilitation units by Mostue Associates
  • Roxse Homes 346 new construction units by a Joint Venture of ICON Architecture and Hezekiah Pratt Associates
  • Sonoma Maple Schyler 100 rehabilitation units by Chisholm Washington Architects
  • Theroch I 99 rehabilitation units by Domenech HIcks Krockmalnic Architects
  • Theroch II 92 rehabilitation units by Ransom Design Studio
  • Washington Heights 175 rehabilitation units by Chisholm Washington Architects
2019 1119 WID Demo Dispo Board 1

Roxse Homes After, ICON Architecture + Hezekiah Pratt Associates

2019 1119 WID Demo Dispo Board 3

Academy Homes II After, Chia Ming Sze Architects + Elton Hampton Associates

2019 1119 WID Demo Dispo Board 2

Camfield Estates After, Domenech Hicks Krockmalnic Architects