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Rebecca Barnes FAIA (2000)


Rebecca Barnes FAIA is an award winning urban designer, planner and strategist with broad leadership experience in both the public and private sectors working with complex development programs and organizational structures as Client Representative, Strategic Advisor, Design Community Leader, Design Manager, Humanican, appointed official.

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Rebecca Barnes FAIA
Strategic Advisor, Barnes Resources Group
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2000 winner

I’d also had a hand in shaping and funding a new Women in Design organization that thrived for many years and spawned a number of initiatives including the annual Women in Design conference within Build Boston/ABX and the Women in Design Award program. All this was done in the inclusive, expansive, supportive, creative, civic-hearted, and good-humored “let’s put on a show” way that was (is?) the BSA’s special gift to Boston from those of us who drank that vitamin-rich Kool-Aid.

—Rebecca Barnes on helping to create the Women in Design Award of Excellence Program, read the full article here.