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Gina Ford FASLA (2019)


Gina Ford is a landscape architect, co-founder and principal of Agency Landscape + Planning. Underpinning her two decades of practice are a commitment to the design and planning of public places and the perpetuation of the value of landscape architecture via thought leadership, teaching, writing and lecturing.

Full Biography

Gina Ford FASLA
Principal and co-founder, Agency Landscape + Planning
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2019 winner

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Gina’s unique ability to seek out and attract passionate and talented people results in impactful work and a constellation of friends and collaborators with shared values and sense of fun.

Gina's IMPACT exhibition board (pictured left) invites viewers to take a spin!

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At every stage of her career so far, Gina’s superpower has been her ability to foster meaningful relationships.

Agency Indianapolis

Gina was one of the first in her family to go to college. Her tenacity as a student paid off when she gained admission to Wellesley College where she excelled in her coursework and graduated magna cum laude. It was this experience in the creative world of Architecture and her graduate work as a Landscape Architecture student at the GSD that would forever set in motion her creative and inclusive approach to her work.

Sasaki Council Bluffs

For the next twenty years, she went from a young designer to first female principal in the landscape practice at Sasaki. She honed her design style through collaborations with well-known designers. Determined to expand Hideo Sasaki’s legacy into 21st century landscapes, Gina pushed the envelope to redefine the design of people-centric spaces.

Sasaki Chicago Riverwalk2

Now, as a master, Gina is a co-founder of Agency Landscape + Planning alongside Brie Hensold. Agency is a mission-driven practice dedicated to addressing social equity, cultural vitality and environmental resilience through design excellence, strategic planning and community empowerment. At Agency, we believe that—in order to address the most challenging issues of our contemporary society—diversity and inclusion are foundational to how we see, understand and, ultimately, shape our collective experience, particularly in the public spaces, parks and streets of our cities. We seek landscape and planning opportunities that allow us to partner meaningfully with constituents, that welcome many voices and hands in the process, and that produce outcomes that are deeply connected to the richness and uniqueness of place.

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