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Judith Nitsch PE, LEED AP BD+C (2000)


Judith (Judy) Nitsch is the founding principal and chairman of the board at Nitsch Engineering Inc. She is a current member of the Boston Architectural College's Board of Trustees and a former trustee of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Full Biography

Judith Nitsch PE, LEED AP BD+C
Founding Principal, Nitsch Engineering
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2000 winner

Being a woman in engineering has long meant facing everything from unconscious bias to blatant sexism. As one of only 21 women in her graduating class from WPI, Judy Nitsch has focused her entire 44-year career on opening doors that have historically been closed to women … and then holding the door open behind her to help more women enter the room. Currently only 13% of all engineers are women, but Judy has been working to improve this ratio through the education of young girls and the mentorship of young women.

Ripple Effect Final

Judy believes that representation matters, and that girls and young women need to see that there are successful, relatable female engineers to inspire them to pursue engineering careers and become entrepreneurs. From launching Nitsch Engineering’s annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day event (which now reaches 100 6th to 12th grade girls every year), to mentoring dozens of young women pursuing engineering degrees, to leading a variety of organizations that contribute to the professional growth of women, to advising women on career paths and becoming entrepreneurs, to helping peers advance their careers, and to pushing sustainability for all of our futures, Judy has been a tireless advocate for women in STEM and the building industry. Through her commitment, Judy has impacted hundreds of girls and women, who in turn have impacted girls and women in their own lives, creating a ripple effect that spreads far beyond herself.