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Dr. Katherine Sloan (2010)


Dr. Katherine Sloan serves on the boards of numerous national and regional educational and cultural organizations, including the Presidents’ Board of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design and the Executive Board of Massachusetts Campus Compact. Dr. Sloan served as President of MassArt from 1996-2011 and is a member on the New England Association’s Commission on Higher Education, the regional accrediting body for New England Colleges and Universities.

Full Biography

Dr. Katherine Sloan
President Emerita, MassArt
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2010 winner

My impact was to create the vision of what MassArt—as a leading art and design school—should and could look like. During my tenure, we built two new student residencies, renovated and expanded the student center and dining commons, completed all the architectural work and funding for the Design Media Center, and envisioned and began the design work for the galleries, which will open as the new MassArt Museum in February. These projects took a long time—over a decade and a half to complete—and involved many people. But it was my conviction as president of MassArt that they were necessary and doable to transform the campus into a facility worthy of the creative work of its students and faculty and as a gift to the community which the college serves. In parallel, I was also the board chair of the Boston Arts Academy, leading years-long advocacy for a permanent home, which is now about to become a reality!

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