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Dr. Luciana Burdi Intl. Assoc. AIA (2019)


Architect and planner, and with almost 20 years of experience working and managing design and construction projects, Luciana Burdi, Deputy Director for Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs for Massport, has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at WPI for the past 5 years. In her role Dr. Burdi uses Mediation and Consensus-building techniques as an integral part of her professional practice. Her ability to lead stakeholders in conflict over development proposals to a meaningful consensus makes her a skilled as negotiator and mediator.

Full Biography

Luciana Burdi Assoc. AIA
Deputy Director, Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs at Massachusetts Port Authority
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2019 winner

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Throughout her professional and personal career, Luciana has demonstrated what matters most is to be truthful to your beliefs; to exhibit integrity in your profession; to be your best everyday—do something good everyday for those less fortunate. To be the voice of those who do not have one; confident that something good will happen when you least expect it.

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During her time at Massport, Luciana has taken an interest in the more personal aspects of the passenger experience, and has initiated a series of projects that will provide passengers amenities that better support the specific physical and spiritual needs of the traveler.

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The newly built “Refresh Bars” and Mothers’ Rooms and two examples of her effort. Reflection rooms, Sensory rooms and a more inclusive renovation of the existing Chapel are other spaces in the works.

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In this way, she has recognized the population traveling through the terminals is diverse and has a wide range of needs that can be better supported within the facility. Her passion for this work has led her not only to manage the work, but to be a direct collaborator with the design consultants.

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Massport's project operating procedures now include a Passengers Ready Team (PRT), thanks to Luciana. These Massport employee teams (who have not been part of the project team), tour each new project prior to completion to assure that every newly-constructed project, when opened to the public, is ready for safe and convenient use by passengers.

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The aim is to assure ease of use and enhancement of the passengers’ flow, comfort and experience.