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Deconstruction Hackathon

  • COST

    Free and open to all



Join the Decon Hackathon for a fun session to roll up your sleeves and "hack" typical details for easier deconstruction of assemblies to enable material reuse! This event is organized by the Sustainable Performance Institute and supported by All For Reuse; Building Ease; and CLF Boston, a knowledge community of the BSA.

Building deconstruction, or disassembly, is a critical strategy for carbon reduction, minimizing waste, and contributing to a circular economy, yet remains a serious challenge for many reasons. Many organizations, design and construction firms, and manufacturers have begun to explore this issue and work together to find solutions, but market transformation will take time. We want to accelerate this change whenever we can, and this hackathon is one opportunity to make things a little easier for the design community.

BuildingGreen produced a guide for the AIA that lays the foundation of the issues and context. Prior to the event, we will send out a list of other resources on the topic and instructions for how to prepare for this session! We will be using Miro, which does not require registration and is easy to use, but you might want to check it out ahead of time. The outputs of this hackathon will be publicly available on a live wiki page afterwards for continued development, comment, dialogue, and use by the AEC community.