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Wagdy Anis Symposium on Building Science 2022

Call for Abstracts

A PDF version is also accessible here.

The ability of a building enclosure to minimize operational greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy is key to the sustainability of a building. Durability, moisture control and ease of maintenance of the building enclosure can also greatly reduce the environmental impact of a building, by preserving and conserving material resources. For many projects, increasingly ambitious sustainability goals require consideration of additional criteria for the selection of materials and assemblies. This symposium will address strategies for design, detailing and material selection of the building enclosure to optimize its contribution to sustainable goals throughout the life cycle of a building.

We welcome submission of abstracts from colleagues representing a wide range of perspectives, from building ownership and operations, to strategies for effective design, engineering and construction at each phase of a project, to research & development of construction methods, materials and products.

Submit a Proposal

Submissions can be made through the form linked below and will be accepted until June 10, 2022

Abstract Form

You are invited to submit a 200-word abstract on the theme The Sustainable Building Enclosure: Balancing Energy Performance and Durability with Other Building Life Cycle Goals for consideration. The structure of the symposium will include 30-minute talks and 90-minute panel presentations. We recommend that each panel include no more than 4 speakers. Student papers will be welcomed. Topics of interest include:

  • Beautiful details and materials that manage heat, air and moisture
  • New Building Energy Code requirements for new and existing buildings, developed to meet Massachusetts net zero goals for 2050.
  • Strategies for retrofitting existing buildings to move toward net zero energy performance
  • Identifying and managing expectations of Owners for sustainable goals for their buildings
  • Project accountability and performance metrics.
  • Assessing the contribution of the service life of materials and assemblies to the long-term environmental impact of a building.
  • Design of facades that can be inspected and maintained.
  • Full life cycle analysis of a building enclosure assembly that addresses its environmental impact on greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of resources, environmental pollution and human health.

Important dates

10 June 2022: Abstract submissions due

24 June 2022: Committee will finalize program and notify presenters

9 September 2022: Presentation slides due

6 October 2022: Symposium

About the Boston Building Enclosure Council

The Boston Building Enclosure Council (B-BEC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote technical excellence in the design and construction of the building enclosure. B-BEC is led by architects and building enclosure experts, to provide a forum where members of the design and construction industry can discuss common issues and share information on materials and methods, with the goal of promoting the well-informed application of building science to construction of commercial and residential buildings. We support this mission through monthly meetings and periodic special events, featuring panels, presentations, discussions and related activities.