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Wagdy Anis Symposium on Building Science 2022

Symposium Overview

Thank you for joining us for the 2022 Wagdy Anis Symposium on Building Science, High Performance Building Enclosures: Balancing Energy Performance and Durability with Other Building Life Cycle Goals.

Over the course of the day we heard from 21 outstanding presenters in nine sessions and one incredible keynote from Jean Carroon FAIA LEED Fellow. We engaged in spirited discussions around the benefits of high performance building enclosures, from air sealing existing buildings and insulating masonry walls to a case study and LCA comparison of two academic buildings. Together, we enjoyed lots of food and a lively closing reception. We hope you enjoyed this symposium.

Schedule | October 6, 2022


Welcome & Introductions


Session 1: Introduction to the Sustainable Building Enclosure
1.5 LU/HSW AIA credits available

1A. Air Sealing in Existing Buildings
Mike Bingley, Larry Harmon

1B. The Intersection of Structure, Architecture and Function: New Parkland Hospital
Dudley McFarquhar

1C. Renovate or Build: A Case Study and LCA Comparison of Two Academic Buildings
Suni Dillard, Carrie Havey


Networking Break


Session 2: Whole Building Case Studies
1.5 LU/HSW AIA credits available

2A. A 20th century historical structure adaptation into a 21st century NZEReady School
Martine Dion, Ethan Seaman, Diego Macias

2B. Low Embodied Carbon with Wood Framing at Scale
Christopher Nielson, Jacob Racusin, Nikki Byl, Diana Andrea Brito Picciotto


Networking Break


Lunch & Keynote: Jean Carroon


Networking Break


Session 3: Brick and Tile
1.5 LU/HSW AIA credits available

3A. Insulating Mass Masonry Walls: A Few Key Pointers
Kohta Ueno

3B. Tessellated Clay: Designing the improved masonry rainscreen
David Charney, Andrew Pries, Jordan Dick, Lori Ferris


Networking Break


Session 4: Fenestration
1.5 LU/HSW AIA credits available

4A. Wood Windows for Long-Term Care: Soldiers' Homes in Chelsea and in Holyoke
Thomas Beresford, Yin Xia, Elizabeth Galloway

4B. New Life+Light for Old Buildings: Two Paths to Increase Curtain Wall Performance & Durability
Will Babbington, Christopher O'Hara


Closing Reception

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