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Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Renée Loth Hon. BSA

Renée Loth Hon. BSA
Editor, ArchitectureBoston magazine (retired)
Women in Design Award of Excellence, 2018 winner

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The tale of WID award-winner Renée Loth’s long and winding career, as told through a whimsical board game of life. Play along as Renée makes her first moves in alternative journalism, skips ahead at The Boston Globe, and rolls the dice on a new chapter with ArchitectureBoston magazine!

Framework; The Year of the Plan, ArchitectureBoston (Spring 2016)

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"Can-do Land!” traces Renée Loth’s career in Boston journalism, with all the setbacks and lucky breaks you’d expect from such an occupation. The winding path highlights Renée’s emerging interest in the built environment, her advocacy for the public realm, and her crusades for specific projects—from the Rose Kennedy Greenway to the Northern Avenue bridge—which she led as editorial page editor at The Boston Globe. The exhibit culminates in Renée’s 7-year term as editor of ArchitectureBoston magazine, where she used all her years of skills and connections to help tell architecture’s story to a broader public. Under her tenure, the magazine tackled themes both abstract (“Memory,” “Temporary,”) and topical (“Coast,” “Preservation,”) all the while celebrating the transformative power of design.

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Visitors are invited to take one of the “Can-do cards," which feature quotes about architecture from Renée’s own writings and those of other esteemed critics.

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